Joelle Andre, M.Ed.

Education Director, Laureate Initiative

Joelle manages the Laureate Initiative with Boston Global which prepares Master-level students with skills to succeed in their studies.  With extensive experience as an Education Director, teacher, writer, and Harvard Business School instructor and coach, Joelle has a deep understanding of the educational process.  Joelle understands that true education transforms, so her coaching draws on practical experience and real world implementation.  From helping Harvard MBA candidates approach complex situations and communicate persuasively; to helping students develop strategies for tangible, positive results; she respects the uniqueness of each person and situation. Using her expertise as an education leader, Joelle develops student-centered programs, results-oriented curriculum, and mission-focused teaching. As an innovative administrator, she is aware of the challenges, risks, and opportunities of forging a new path. Joelle brings passion, energy, and faith in new possibilities to every relationship.  Her work with Boston Global focuses on how to identify compelling motivations, natural skills, and underlying mindsets. Joelle helps young professionals strengthen their skills and overcome obstacles to achieve their best work. She works with clarity, patience, and humor, to help clients develop their own capabilities as they use tools forged from research, experience, and unleashed imagination. Joelle is a graduate of Harvard Graduate School of Education with an M.A.