Present with Clarity

Whether you feel at home in front of the room or shy away from public speaking, presenting takes skill and practice. It’s important that even the most seasoned leaders regularly fine-tune their approach. Keeping your style fresh and collaborative will go a long way towards keeping your team engaged and performing at its best.

How you open and close are crucial to every meeting’s success. Here are a few tips to try with your team:

30-Second Introduction: The first 30 seconds of any presentation should say your purpose, why it’s important, and what you’re going to cover. Focus on just three things. Remember the rule of three: people will remember three, but not four or five.

30-Second Close: Never end with, “Well, that’s it. Any questions?” That’s not the best way to encourage dialogue. Instead, end with some punch. “Today we talked about … It’s important because…I reviewed 2 options that we have researched. We are confident in option 1 and want to hear your thoughts.” This shows you are decisive, thoughtful and interested in their views. A yes/no question only stimulates a one-word response. Instead, try something more open and inviting, like “I’m ready for your questions.”