Genet Jeanjean

Managing Director

Genet Jeanjean is an executive coach, Harvard instructor and learning and development expert.  Clients count on her to manage the development of their teams to strengthen management skills so they can do great things more easily.  She teaches professionals how to communicate better at work by thinking strategically about how they manage people, showing them what success looks like, and helping them achieve that success. Her experience in international business and education includes creating and managing emerging ventures in other countries, so she has a heightened awareness of the challenges of building strong teams. Her research interests include understanding how individuals learn, so she incorporates the latest research on learning styles and multiple intelligences to find the strengths in every individual who comes through Boston Global. Genet is passionate about teaching and learning and her energy is contagious.

As a motivating presenter, she engages participants with focused objectives, enthusiasm, and humor. At Harvard, she managed a Gates Foundation grant of $3.5 million with the Change Leadership Group which developed a new coaching model called Immunity to Change. She managed programs for university leaders  and supported diplomacy projects at the Kennedy School of Government. Now, she designs and teaches workshops for learning and communication at Harvard Business School throughout the year and as a Harvard alum serves on various committees in several schools.  Genet is the first American teacher to be awarded the prestigious Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award for Distinguished Academic Performance for her work in developing young managers in the United Arab Emirates. Genet supports Harvard faculty in researching global entrepreneurship and innovation, consults for the Cambridge Family Enterprise Group and enjoys working with the International Positive Psychology Association in Australia in addition to McLean Institute of Coaching, affiliated with Harvard Medical School. She holds degrees from Mount Holyoke College, (B.A.), Tufts University (M.A.), and Harvard Graduate School of Education (M.Ed.) and a post-graduate certificate from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the neuroscience of leadership. She splits her time between Boston and Paris, but spends time and feels at home in Melbourne Australia, Mexico City and Dubai.